Ask any manufacturer across the world “what are the attributes you require from your precision engineering supplier?” and you’ll get a range of answers.

But if you boil those responses down they can be summed up in three simple letters: QED – Quality, Expertise and Delivery on time.

In a perfect world, finding that ideal supplier would also be QED – quite easily done – but, sadly it usually is not.

If you dreamt your perfect CNC machine shop it would

  • consistently produce parts to the quality you ask for, so reworking becomes a fading memory.
  • have engineers with sufficient experience and expertise to overcome machining challenges with the minimum of fuss, so deadlines are met and deliveries made on time!

Sounds good, eh?

To achieve that level of service your dream CNC machine shop needs the right Machines, Software, Experience and Inspection…

5 Axis Milling Machines 

Your dream machine workshop will not manufacture your parts to the tightest tolerances required without the right kit. High-end CNC machines such as the DMG Mori 60 Evo, demonstrate the versatility of 5 axes. Here is an example in the video below. 

The video shows a little of the final operation in the manufacture of a mounting component with an octagon profile shaft between two parallel flanges. You can see that the spinning component is machined with a ball nose cutter.

In this case, 5 axis milling saved time compared to what a 3 axis machine could manage and produced an improved surface finish by requiring fewer operations to complete a fairly complex design.

Software To Bring The Machines To Life

It is well known that performance of even the best 5 axis machines can be compromised by the software used to run them. Your dream supplier will be using high-end software such as OpenMind Hypermill, for the following reasons and more:

  • easy to operate cam strategies for easy production.
  • only one post-processor necessary for all milling and turning operations required.
  • the software can be integrated into leading CAD systems, facilitating the production of parts from your designs.
  • comprehensive collision control protects your parts from machining errors.
  • advanced CAD/CAM technologies optimise programming for, and manufacturing of, your components.

Precision Engineering Experience, Expertise & Input

Naturally, your dream workshop will be stacked with proficient CNC engineers with decades of experience to tap into!

These guys will not just understand what you are talking about, but will be able to offer professional input regarding your design if required. For example, at Axis the engineers you work with may be able to suggest design adjustments that will allow production challenges to be accomplished more easily.

Your Dream Machine Shop

Advice like this is priceless and could save you money! Not least because your projects won’t need reworking once they are delivered!

Finally, Your Dream Workshop Needs

And finally, for your dream workshop to come true, there has to be Quality Control. This is critical because mistakes will happen, it’s a risk in any project. But that risk is mitigated by careful quality control planning so errors are picked up as early as possible and adaptions made – keeping wasted time and materials to a minimum.

As such, at Axis we prioritise Inspection by employing a full time Quality Manager.

Our machines, software, experience and inspection process combine to provide the quality, expertise and delivery on-time our customers crave. Finding a great production partner might just be quite easily done (QED) after all!

Your dream workshop and your margin..!

This blog post illustrated some of the things to look for in your dream workshop. But there’s more…

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