The challenge of finding reliable CNC machining services may seem daunting. Even seasoned design engineers make mistakes because…

Not all CNC machining companies are created equal!

The size of your project, as well as the supplier’s resources and capabilities, will have a great deal of impact on the quality of the parts you receive.

Complex components, by definition, require a superior quality service, so it’s critical you choose your supplier wisely OR suffer down the line. This post highlights four key factors to consider when selecting the right CNC machining supplier for your project.

Quality-to-cost ratio

As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” Choosing the cheap option often means the supplier will cut corners and that affects the quality of the parts produced.

Dr. W. Edwards Deming, known as “The Father of the Quality Evolution,” lived by another saying, “Quality always costs less in the long run.” When a CNC machining company focuses on quality, it generally means several things:

This may cost a bit more but the result is a finished part that works as expected because it’s built correctly and in accordance with your design.


Measuring and ensuring quality

It is one thing for a company to state it delivers quality and yet another to deliver it. Making sure the CNC machining company has ISO certification is standard but vital. Careful quality control planning prevents reworking and rejects as errors are picked up early. And, if the unexpected happens, adjustments can be made so the deadline is met and all delivered parts are made to the quality required. That is, there is a plan B!

Range of capabilities

Switching between various suppliers is not only a pain, it’s inefficient and can lead to quality problems. Instead a one-stop workshop with a wide range of capabilities solves this issue. Some CNC precision machining companies can produce complex parts and components for numerous industries from aerospace to medical.

You can’t buy experience but you can pay for it…

An ability to deliver components to the desired quality is often due to the experience of the engineers. Experts with a long track record understand what their machines are capable of. Thus, they are able to push the machines to the limit of their capabilities to engineer complex parts to the tightest of tolerances.

How well does your supplier stack up?

If your supplier is causing you more frustration than joy, it might be time for a change…