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If you’d like to arrange an audit please get in contact – we’d be delighted to meet you. This page pulls together all the resources you need to see at an audit without having to search through the site for them. It’s a bit like a mini audit without actually visiting us!

James Dixon from UCL Racing Testimonial

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Obviously, we respect your IP, we’re always happy to sign an NDA if required.


Quality Inspection and Materials

  • FAIR (first article inspection report)
  • First off inspection
  • C of C (certificate of conformity)

Why use Axis?

Axis have what you need:

Quality, experience and delivery on time

  • 5 axis machines powered by OpenMind Hypermill software
  • CNC machines pushed to the limits by experienced engineers
  • Efficient methods of manufacture
  • Over 30 years of precision engineering experience

Find out why you should use Axis for your next project:

VIDEO – 5 axis DMG 70 Evolution

A lens mounting ring for a thermal imaging camera required two 40mm slots for the straps to pass through. A lollipop cutter was used to curve round and cut underneath using a tube milling cycle.