Complex cycles, CNC milling and… 5 Axis machines!

This post illustrates the kind of job we love at Axis Precision Engineering – complicated and testing! Projects requiring complex CNC milling mean our 5 Axis machines, the software that runs them and our engineers are tested, often having to overcome hurdles to get the job done.

It’s great!

5 Axis CNC Milling 

The video shows CNC milling of a complex motorsport test wheel using one of the 5 Axis machines in our workshop in Basildon.

In fact, the first operation involved a CNC lathe to produce the basic profile. Obviously, to machine the details, like the deep pockets for the spokes, 5 Axis milling was required.

Using both ball nose and lollipop cutters with complex tube milling cycles the profiles between the spokes were machined. This was fairly complicated… the pockets undercut the spokes, which needed to blend precisely with the previously turned profiles. 

Upon completion of the cycle, the component is sent for quality control inspection. Click through to view more of our videos on YouTube.


Quality and Expertise

Jobs like the one in the video are our bread and butter. Axis Precision Engineering Limited have a wealth of knowledge and experience manufacturing precision components dating back as far as 1985. This experience coupled with our strict process control, to ISO 9001, means efficient process planning and machining along with stringent quality control.

You can rest assured your project is in the safest of hands. The work will be finished to the quality required, every time. Accuracy can be taken as granted!

We know you don’t want to re-work your delivered components so every batch has the quality control to ensure you won’t have to.

Delivery… on time!

We respect your deadline and will lift heaven and earth to meet it. This, particular project had snags that were overcome, as quality and experience came together ensuring the deadline was met!

Download our case study to see how we overcame the type of issues lesser precision engineering companies struggle with. Find out how we met the deadline and kept our clients happy!

5 Axis CNC Milling at your service..!

Axis provide comprehensive 5 axis CNC milling services for all manner of sectors. Combining years of experience with the capacity to get your project completed and delivered on time.

Axis Precision Engineering are your ideal 5 axis milling supplier!