Axis recently engineered wishbones for the car the UCL Racing team were manufacturing for the Formula Student event at Silverstone, held this weekend.

As an important element of the Mechanical Engineering degree program at UCL, Formula Student forms part of the 3rd and 4th year degree project. So everything has to work!


As well as building a car for Formula Student the more experienced students mentor the 1st and 2nd years to familiarise them with the techniques and expertise required for the competition.

The UCL Racing team order the components and Axis produced and delivered them without fuss, so they could be fitted to the vehicle.

James Dixon from the UCL Racing team said

Thank you for all the parts you sent us! They look great and fit perfectly!

That’s because Axis have a passion for quality, we’d be horrified if they didn’t fit. 

Fitting the Wishbones

Once they received the parts they needed to be fitted.

And here they are completed.

The Formula Student competition has a hectic schedule. Starting last Wednesday the 13th July here’s the lowdown across the five days:

  • Installation
  • Scrutineering and judging
  • Dynamic events
  • Endurance events

They seem happy enough with their efforts. GKN were live streaming the event on YouTube and everyone at Axis is keen to find out how they got on.

Precision Engineering for Motorsport

Axis PEC Ltd. have a long history of manufacturing parts for motorsport, professional teams as well as student teams!


Our workshop has 5 Axis machining capabilities perfectly suited to the engineering of complex motorsport components. Blending top of the range 5 axis CNC machinery with high-end Hypermill software and the expertise of our engineers we push our machines to the limits – the quality of the finished component matters to us!

Read our case study about the wheels we manufactured for a professional motorsport team and you’ll witness our passion for quality.

Formula Student Promo Video

Formula student seems like quite an exciting event, there’s loads of opportunity for the teams to get recognition. Here’s a promo video for this year’s event that really highlights the excitement.