5-axis CNC machining is the shaping of a part with a tool that can be moved along five axes at once. CNC – computer numerical control – refers to the software that controls the cutting, drilling and milling with high precision.

There are also machines known as 3+2, but these are less effective because the tool remains static in the final two axes. A machine shop with true 5-axis machines provide a superior service which embodies QED: Quality, Expertise, and Delivery on time. Essentially what each of our clients is after.

5 axis machining – Quality

The higher level of quality stems from several aspects of 5-axis machining. You will notice a superior finish to your parts, which can be oriented closer to the cutting tool and machined with less distortion and tighter tolerances. Angles, arcs and undercutting can be achieved in a single pass, reducing the probability of errors introduced by each iteration. Undercutting tools, such as lollipop cutters or spherical ball end mills, can be used in 5 axis machining to great effect, allowing high precision, complex shapes to be produced easily.

The higher level of accuracy associated with this equipment makes it ideal for the machining of parts intended for demanding industries such as aerospace, opening new market opportunities.

When QED counts

In the exciting realm of Motorsport, a wheel for testing can be crafted to exacting standards. See below for more…

Interesting Fact #1 – These machines are so efficient in producing components vital to its defence that the United States limited their export for many years.

Engineer expertise

An extensive knowledge of the creative use of specialised software is required to control the motion of the tools efficiently to manufacture your components.

At Axis, our experts understand the capabilities of the sophisticated OpenMind software and push the 5-axis machines to the limit. Your parts will be produced to the tightest tolerances to meet your exact specifications.The-importance-of-delivery-on-time-in-engineering

Delivery On Time

Obviously, delivery on time is critical. 5 axis machining lends itself to a shorter lead time as time is saved by producing parts with a single setup. Further, the faster cutting speeds of 5 axis machines add even more rapidity, saving precious minutes as each component is engineered!

Then the convergence of quality and experience arguably provide the greatest time saving of all! Components finished and shipped without rejects and the need for reworking mean your downstream production will keep moving without delay.

Reinventing the Wheel

For a great example of QED in action you should read our Motorsport case study Reinventing the Wheel by clicking the button below. See how Axis overcame programming and machining challenges to achieve

  • Complex profiles
  • Deep pockets with small corner radius
  • Precise finish and blends