Established in 1985, Axis Precision Engineering have over 30 years of engineering experience and expertise. Honed across the decades, this ensures we know what we’re doing and we fulfil on the two most important things our clients demand. 

Components that are:

  • machined to the standard required; and
  • delivered on time!

Not every engineering company can manage these simple but critical outcomes again and again. Read on to see how engineering experience and expertise counts…

More than 30 years of engineering expertise manifests in a number of ways. Here’s a few of the most important.

Experience – getting the most from our 5 axis machines

We have developed extremely efficient methods of manufacture by pushing the machines to the limits. It’s pointless using fancy 5 axis machines to do plain old 3 axis operations – we take advantage of our DMGs’ capabilities to easily manufacture complicated parts like impellers.

James Dixon Tesimonial #1.jpg

Of course, excellent CNC machines and all the engineering expertise in the world is worthless without the software to run them. We have a great programmer, Pete Selfe, who is very experienced with top-notch software OpenMind HyperMill. This allows him to stretch the capabilities of the machines – so those complicated projects are a doddle.

Even when there’s a learning curve, we’ll find a way by trying different tools and machining cycles to get the job done. As tools develop it’s critical for the machines, software and engineers in the workshop keep up so the machines’ capabilities are understood and utilised.


Expertise and continuous improvement

As the technology advances, so the processes require tweaks. Like all good workshops, we devote time to improving and documenting process. We have upgraded our existing ISO 9001 certification to the latest version because improvement is continuous!

But what about quality?

Our full-time Quality Control engineer, John Walters, ensures the parts are engineered correctly. Working from model rather than a drawing, you’d expect the accuracy to be high, but John is always on hand to check.

Any mistakes need to be picked up early so delays are kept to the minimum.

If delivery on time is important to you… try Axis!

If your delivery is late OR not quite right, it means delays downstream. It gets annoying, having to re-work parts all the time. Maybe it’s time to think about switching supplier