If you’ve ever wondered how we create your components, the following video is absolutely for you. It’s 5 axis CNC milling poetry in motion!

In this video, we’re machining a lens mounting ring for a thermal imaging camera. Programming was direct from the 3D CAD file to ensure accuracy and as few operations as possible. Hitting deadlines is always critical!

This is one of our DMG 60 Evolutions. A five axis milling machine with access to over 30 tools in it’s tool holder. This means we always have the right tool for the job to hand, speeding up the machining process. 

Just having the tools won’t cut it though, you need the expertise to choose the right one for the job. Selecting the wrong tool will impact your finish quality! 

The video shows a lollipop cutter on a tube milling cycle – used to curve round and cut underneath. It’s lovely!

To see more videos of our machines in action, take a look at our YouTube channel here!

What’s it like to work with Axis?

You’ve seen our machines and tools in action, now find out what it’s actually like to work with us