The video shows CNC machining of an aircraft seat arm, with pockets and thin wall sections. This component was milled from billet to completion in a single operation!

Machining a component in a single operation

The single operation did require a stop to bolt on a support plate, to allow machining of the billet. Weighing 5.93kg to start, the finished component was just 0.27kg, meaning less than 5% of the billet remained!

In general, 5 axis milling machines allow a quicker turn around and better value as the number of operations is lower than with 3 axis machines.

Despite the sophisticated machining, the finished seat arm component will never be seen, as upholstery will hide it within the completed seat.

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Our expertise using 5 axis technology in conjunction with the OpenMind Hypermill software enables us to take on the work other engineering companies have to turn down.

CNC machining in a single operation.png

Working your product with fewer operation changes means the engineering process is far more fluid than using 3 Axis machines, enabling much faster lead times for your components.

In turn, this means you’ll meet your deadlines without worrying about faulty parts or late deliveries. Receiving quality components on time, every time

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