If you’re making a sieve and the only function it has is to sieve, it doesn’t matter if the holes are a bit too big or a bit too small, as long as it sieves. You can pick a supplier on price all day.

But if you’re manufacturing complex components for a Space Shuttle you need precision parts engineering from an experienced company you trust. It is the same for any complex component in any industry. You need the part to work as designed. When lives depend on a component standing up under stress it must be manufactured to spec and precisely as per the drawing!

You need to ask yourself, is the cheapest quote going to give you that level of service?

the value in precision parts engineering

Quality Control to the rescue

We hope and pray that Quality Control somewhere along the line will pick up a problem before it results in a catastrophe. However, if the components don’t operate as intended they have to be reworked or returned.

It’s incredibly frustrating when it all goes wrong…

Here’s a quote from an anonymous client, who was at the end of his tether. Frustrated with incorrect parts, it had got to the stage where…

Everything I pick up is wrong. There is something wrong with every part. It’s not been anodised. It’s got a hole missing. It’s the wrong shape, the wrong size. The interference fitting is wrong.

Something little all along the way is wrong, because we’ve used shoddy suppliers. We need to use decent people.

You need the assurance that if you draw to ten or two micron tolerance, what you get through your stores in four weeks’ time will be exactly what you’ve asked for in the drawing. Nothing different.

Hidden Costs of reworking

If a hole is missing or the part is wrong in some way, in-house reworking is possible. But it costs time and money. Running machines costs you and the operator needs paying. And it delays the work you need to do to complete your project!


Precision parts engineering with added value

If you pay a little extra for to an engineering company that get your parts right first time delays, frustration and money are saved. And further savings if delays mean you suffer penalties later!

Sticking with Mediocre Engineering Ltd. means:

  • late deliveries
  • parts with an inconsistent finish
  • delays
  • logistical upheaval
  • etc.

And the list could go on. If the cheapest quote won’t get you the service you desire you need to go elsewhere.

7 reasons the greatest value isn’t the cheapest quote

On the surface, the mediocre supplier’s quote of £3 a part is tempting but in reality the £5 per part quote from the experienced company is much better value.

At Axis, we have the experience and track record to give you what you want. That is, precision parts engineering to the quality you need and delivered on time.

In fact, there are at least 7 ways you may not have considered that the realistic quote rather than the cheap quote will actually improve your margin! Download the eBook to find out how!