Precision engineering to the quality you need can only happen when you have the right CNC machine shop as a supplier. For example, you design an aeroplane arm rest to perform functions aside from separating passengers. Perhaps allowing travellers to control the angle of the seat, securely anchor the food tray and even use a built-in power port. 

Not every CNC machine shop will be capable of producing these parts to the quality you require.

Precision engineering to tight tolerances is  illustrated in the following video. You can watch the high end 5 axis machining required to manufacture the arm rests mentioned previously.

Selecting a competent shop with the 5 axis capability you need involves the careful consideration of several criteria. We start with the type of equipment the shop employs.


These days most advanced CNC machine shops use 5 axis machines, which offer many advantages over 3 axis models. The former shape materials that are otherwise difficult or impossible to handle for the latter.

Often a complex part can be machined in a single set-up. Completing operations in a single run will not only decrease your labour costs, but will also minimise opportunities for operator error.

Five axis machines can reduce your expenditures further with shorter cutting tools, which complete tasks more rapidly and with higher precision. If your part has angular surfaces, the programming to produce them will also be more straightforward on a 5 axis machine.

Choosing the right CNC-machine Shop


Engineering complex parts that meet all quality standards, requires high-end software such as OpenMind Hypermill. This software allows complex geometries like steep walls and deep cavities to be machined easily.

Not only will production speed quicken, but machine error lessens through automated collision checking and avoidance. These programs also aid in the production of high quality surface finishes.


We’ve all met them – wonders fresh out of university who have absorbed everything their courses can offer, yet can’t execute a single task in a real-life engineering environment.

Engineering expertise takes hands-on experience to develop. An engineer who has been in the trenches will understand the requirements of your design. He may even be able to offer suggestions to improve the efficiency of the manufacture of your part!


One of the most frustrating outcomes you can encounter is attempting an assembly when the dimensions of the parts are off. Not immediately noticeable, these errors render constructing the finished product difficult or impossible.

Sensible quality process and project management standards such as ISO 9001 will ensure that the configuration and dimensions of your part are precise and accurate. When you utilise components from a vendor maintaining these standards, you won’t suffer rejects and assembly will be a breeze.


The right CNC engineering shop will offer an honest dialogue about the time needed to turn out your component, propose realistic schedules, and keep you apprised of expected delivery.

At the root of all the elements that make up an exceptional CNC machine workshop is the willingness to achieve continuous improvement and make the investments required. If you choose a firm that consistently offers the best technology available, you can expect that it will put forth whatever effort is necessary to engineer your part to your total satisfaction.

Exceptional work from an exceptional CNC machine shop!

Axis Precision Engineering have an exceptional CNC workshop and it is at your disposal! We thrive on overcoming complex engineering conundrums. 

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