Hands up if your eagerly anticipated batch of parts has ever arrived late. So late that delays further down the line have resulted in penalties. Not a good way for a CNC machining project to pan out!

Ok, now keep those hands up if you’ve had to rework parts in-house to render them fit for purpose. Or, you’ve had to return reject components to your supplier?

We know you’re bursting with FRUSTRATION on the inside…

If your precision engineering projects always end in a headache, it might be time to change supplier.

precision engineering projects cause frustration

It’s frustrating when it all goes wrong…

It’s fine if you’re making a sieve and the only function it has is to sieve. It doesn’t matter if the holes are a bit too big or a bit too small, as long as it sieves.

For this job, any supplier will do.

But if you’re manufacturing complex components for a Space Shuttle you need an experienced precision engineering company with a great track record.

It is absolutely critical that your parts work as designed. You desperately need CNC machining services that produce components exactly as per the drawing or model!

Sadly, that’s not always the case…

Here’s a quote from an anonymous client of ours, who was at the end of his tether with his previous supplier. It had got to the stage where…

“Everything I pick up is wrong. There is something wrong with every part. It’s not been anodized. It’s got a hole missing. It’s the wrong shape, the wrong size. The interference fitting is wrong. Something little all along the way is wrong, because we’ve used shoddy suppliers. We need to use decent people”

And then he found us and, well, the rest is history! No more reworking, no more rejects and deliveries on time!

We’re sorry to break it to you, but…

Not all that glitters is gold.

Most precision engineering suppliers sing the same tune – it’s hard to sort the swarf from the experts.

Here’s something to think about:

Two suppliers might have the same images of fancy F1 cars on their website and shout about how they’ve been around for 30+ years, but…

  • one has produced nothing more than a single batch of F1 bolts

  • the other has delivered repeat projects for clients requiring F1 wheels and engine parts

Obviously, these precision engineering projects are on the opposite end of the spectrum and require vastly different levels of expertise! The companies are miles apart too.

If you phone up the bolts maker asking for wheels and engines, it’s unlikely the project will be a success. Cue the late deliveries and botched projects and associated reworking, rejects and reams of paperwork!

And FRUSTRATION! Arrrrrrgggggghhh!

Obviously, images of fancy F1 cars on a website don’t translate into capacity, capability and expertise.

precision engineering projects without the frustration

Precision engineering projects without the frustration

Yes, it is possible, with the right supplier!

You need the assurance that if your drawings stipulate ten or two micron tolerance, what you get through your stores in a few weeks’ time will be exactly what you’ve asked for. Nothing different.

That is what you get with Axis! (You can have that in writing if you want; C of C and FAIRS available!)

Stop for a minute and think about all the frustration melting away… along with the rejects and reworking!

How do Axis deliver on this promise?

Your repcision engineering projects need Q.E.D. And that means:

Quality – you need your components to work precisely as they should. That means tolerances are spot on – your components are built exactly to the drawing, every time, without exception!

Expertise – you need engineering expertise and experience so even the most complex, seemingly impossible components are right first time.

Delivery on time – we won’t take on a project we are unable to deliver, for whatever reason, because we respect your lead time. Also, our FT Inspector picks up any errors early so the promised delivery time won’t be missed!

There is never any reworking and so no hidden costs. You pay once – so the cost of engineering the parts only eats into your margin once!

Our Motorsport Case Study illustrates Q.E.D into action!


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Q.E.D. goes further. In combination, Axis and Q.E.D increases your margin in 7 surprising ways.

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