It sounds daft, but the role of Quality Control can be thought of as similar to that of a busy Mum to teenage kids…

As a teenager, your dirty washing miraculously became clean, neatly folded and ready to wear. The tidy house you came home to from school always had a meal, cooked and ready to eat at the same time every day.

But, oh, how easy it was to take Mum’s hard work for granted… 

Our Quality Control Inspector could argue he gets the same treatment. Let me explain…

Quality Control on the Metal Gears on Black Background..jpeg

Although they insist on him, many of our clients don’t even think about our Quality Control Manager, John Waters.

Honestly, that’s a good thing! It means he’s doing his job properly, so rejects and errors don’t slip through the precision engineered parts net.

He works his magic in the background, making sure the machines and  parts passing through are just as they should be. So you get exactly what you asked for – complex parts machined precisely to the design you provided!

But, on the other hand, if a client does appreciate his efforts, we offer FAIR and Certificate of Conformity to prove he’s doing his job! That’s your insurance that the parts delivered to you a few weeks down the line are to spec.

Our full time Quality Manager and the inspection he performs means your parts won’t require reworking. We deliver them to you fit for purpose, whether you appreciate the Quality Control magic or not!

Inspection – identifying errors early

Our Quality Control processes identify any errors early so they can be rectified before an entire batch is ruined.

You’ll never hear a sob story about errors or back-end defects impacting delivery dates. Thanks, John!


Our MotorSport Case Study goes into more detail… In this instance, the first component produced had to be scrapped during the roughing stage due to aluminium back-end defects.

Our Quality Control process meant that the materials were replaced, the  milling cycle was refined and the parts were delivered on time, to spec.

You’ll never have to rework parts or return defects

Imagine if our Quality Manager hadn’t spotted that defect in the beginning stages of the project. Everything would have been machined with the same errors!

The client would have had to rework the parts in-house or go through the rigmarole of returning rejects, resulting in delays  and… FRUSTRATION!

If that were the case, we’d suffer too. We wouldn’t hear back from dissatisfied clients..! And we’d rather build relationships than be a client down! 

Like the busy Mum, our Quality Control processes and John the manager work hard to make sure everything goes to plan. He ensures your parts are machined precisiely to the spec you need.

This is one way Axis ensure we deliver the precision parts engineering you need to make your margins. There are plenty of other ways too… Click to find out how partnering with a reliable Precision Engineering company that has an established track record can boost profits for YOUR COMPANY.

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