Axis Precision Engineering Components always offer a fair price for a job well done.

We’re not the cheapest but there’s one simple reason for that… your parts will be exactly what you’ve asked for in the drawing. No rejects, no frustration… and no reworking!


As a result, Axis save you money and increase your profit margin because we can promise you won’t be surprised with additional costs from reworking in-house.

Can your current precision engineering supplier promise that?

This infographic shows the 7 ways we increase your margin. How many of these have you even thought about?


A Precision Engineering Supplier You Can Count On

Put simply, if you’re making a sieve and the only function it has is to sieve, it doesn’t matter if the holes are a bit too big or a bit too small, as long as it sieves. You can pick a supplier on price all day.

But if you’re manufacturing complex components for a Space Shuttle, you, obviously, need an experienced precision engineering supplier

You need the assurance that if you draw to ten or two micron tolerance, what you get through your stores in four weeks’ time will be exactly what you’ve asked for in the drawing. Nothing different.

And that is what you get with Axis!

Explore The 7 Ways Axis Increase Your Margin

Our infographic has given you a taste, but there’s more…

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