There are hundreds of precision engineering companies across the UK ready to quote for your project.

Here’s a quick run down of how great precision engineers should offer you a quote. It’s an indication of how the project will run and ultimately how successful it will be.
REQUEST A QUOTE from great precision engineers

Great precision engineers VS any old supplier

1. Making it easy for you to request a quote

The first indication of a great supplier is during their first interaction with you. It should be straight forward for you to submit an R.F.Q.!

Have you ever spent 20 minutes searching on someone’s website trying to find the contact form?

…and then given up all hope when they don’t even include a form field that allows you to attach your CAD drawings in multiple file types?

What a waste of time.

Great precision engineering companies have a passion for quality – not just for the quality of the finished components they manufacture, this should extend to the great experience potential customers have on their website. It’s all part of that passion…

2. Getting back to you ASAP

If your supplier respects your time and wants to offer you the best possible service, they will get back to you with a quote in a timely fashion.

Preferably in a couple of days!

There’s work to be done, of course. Material costs must be calculated and projects involving complex components need careful planning. So it’s unlikely you’ll get a quote back the same day.

Another slip up mediocre suppliers make is slowing the process further when issues or concerns arise. Relying on email for communication, issues take time to resolve and delays are inevitable!

Here at Axis, we’ll give you a call or try to contact you in the quickest way possible so delays are kept to a minimum.


3. Quickly making headway on your project 

Capacity plays a big part in your chosen supplier getting the project completed in the agreed time frame and right first time. If your supplier is pulling their hair out, trying to get 100 projects completed at once, your project is going to be tossed to the back of the pile.

Not to mention, with so much work going on at once, there’s bound to be slip-ups or corners cut… This, inevitably means problems – an inconsistent finish and missed deadlines etc.

At Axis, we work on a first come, first served basis so that each project gets the TLC it deserves. Meaning, your deadlines are respected and  the finished parts are delivered on time.

6 - RFQ sent! #2.jpg

These problems sound familiar?

Unfortunately, it’s easy to get stuck in a vicious cycle of maintaining a relationship with a mediocre supplier. Small inconsistencies can end up costing your business more time and money in the long run.

If you’re experiencing any of the issues in this blog post during the quoting process, it’s time to consider a new supplier!

You can find out easy-to-use contact form here.