A capacity list is great, it makes it easy to see if a company has 5 axis simultaneous machining capabilities at a glance. There’s an instant insight into a workshop’s capacity and capability. But what if you want a bit more…?

While most design engineers will be familiar with the quality associated with the DMG brand, simply stating the model of machine – Deckel Maho Gildemeister 60 Evolution 5 Axis – isn’t as illuminating as it could be. That is all a capacity list does.

This post aims to expand a little on the capabilities of the DMG 60 Evolution. The DMG website provides some highlights on this 5 Axis bestseller which I’ll expand on after this short video of 5 axis machining in all its beauty!

DMG 60 Evolution – 5 axis simultaneous machining in action

DMG 60 Evolution Highlights

This amazing machine is fantastic to work with, here are a few reasons why. 

Optimal Gantry Design

Excellent accessibility affords much better access to the operator. There’s no trunnion in the way, so he’s closer to the job. Easier machining and easier access to the sides of the component being machined. 

There’s no immediately obvious advantage for the client apart from the reduced scope for error, which is good news all round.

Dynamic NC swivel rotary table 

The table allows mill-turn technology and can manage 400 kg load! Axis Precision Engineering tend to make smaller components, the largest being 40 to 50 kg – valve parts for the Oil and Gas industry.

5 Axis Simultaneous Machining - quality expertise and delivery on time

5-sided and up to 5-axes simultaneous machining

This machine has true 5 axis simultaneous machining, leaving it head and shoulders above 3 + 2 axis machines – not all CNC machining is made equal! This means fewer operations and reduced scope for error because machining on 5 sides in one operation is possible. Blended curves for bezels and valves, etc., are straightforward.

Powerful motor spindles 

18,000 rpm!

Tool magazine with 30 pockets 

30 tools is plenty for most of the work we do. If we need more, we’ll program a stop and hand load additional tools.

In addition, we use certain specialist tools such as a thread whirler. This does three jobs, it can centre, drill and tap!

5 axis simultaneous machining – the case study

To see what we’re capable of and to get an insight into the way we operate, download our Motorsport case study – Reinventing the Wheel