By definition, a successful 5 axis machining company requires a combination of the right machines AND people with very specific expertise.

For any given project, the CNC machines used must

  • be capable of producing the tolerances required for the job in hand
  • have software able to produce programs to run the machines

Having the capability is only one part of the puzzle! The engineers need to be sufficiently skilled to use the capability those machines offer intelligently. For example, an inexperienced engineer may employ a cutting edge 5 axis machine with a 3 axis mindset. This could result in more operation runs than strictly required.

You need to choose your precision engineering company wisely. Price is a huge factor, but this blog post reveals why you should be suspicious of the too good to be true quote!

When considering suppliers, you need to ensure that everyone is offering the same thing.

Sometimes I’m amazed at the prices prospective customers say they’ve been quoted. And, to be honest, there’s no way we can be double the price… Something is up.

Andrew Buckingham, Axis Precision Engineering Components

The crux of the matter is… the too good to be true quote from a bloke with a crude CNC machine in his garage will not provide the same service as a fair price from experienced precision engineers with a cutting edge workshop. 


Okay, that’s a stark comparison but the point holds. You need to compare apples with apples!

Choosing the wrong supplier…

The trouble with choosing the wrong precision engineering company isn’t always apparent immediately. Imagine the scenario…

Your parts arrive, they look fine and go into stores until needed. Then, three months later you go to fit the parts and the missing hole is suddenly all too obvious. Arrrggggghhh! How frustrating is that!


Everything fits, and the completed assembly is running smoothly. But because the tolerances weren’t quite right, recalibration is required far too often. Frustration again.

And none of this is keeping YOUR customers happy.

That too good to be true quote has come back to bite you. It’s a false economy.

A Mediocre Engineering Company

Choosing the too good to be true option means you’ve chosen Mediocre Engineering Ltd. And the only guarantee you get is the one you don’t want… mediocre components!

There are several reasons why.

Here are a few common issues. Mediocre Engineering Ltd will:

  • Take on anything – even if they don’t have the capacity OR the capability. Some engineering companies just can’t turn work away.
  • Cut corners – to keep costs down, Mediocre will cut corners. Inevitably this affects the quality of the finished work.
  • Not check work – without a proficient inspection process that’s up to the job, mistakes will go undetected. If everything goes to plan it’s fine, but how will you know?
  • Under-price the work – strangely, some companies just want to keep their machines running, no matter what. They will even work at a loss to do so! Next time they can’t do it at the same price and you’re back to square one!
  • Work from a drawing – a drawing only shows so much. Working to model shows more – certain features visible on a model will be missed on the drawing!


Axis Precision Engineering – Experienced 5 Axis Machining Company at your service!

At Axis, when we are asked to quote we’ll always provide a fair price for the work. The service will always be the same and precisely what the project deserves. If we get the work, you can be sure of three things:

  • Quality – the work will be Right First Time. Components will be finished to the spec required, you’ll never need to re-work the parts.
  • Expertise – we have experienced staff, who are  qualified to use high-quality machines and software and capable of dealing with any hiccups the project may encounter
  • Delivery – while things don’t always go as smoothly as we’d like, we’re almost certain to deliver your components on time

Even when the unexpected happens, we’ve got the processes in place to make things right – without catastrophe! 

Motor Sport Case Study from a 5 axis Machining Company with Quality, Experience AND Delivery on Time

In the MotorSport case study below – Reinventing the Wheel – you can learn what working with a professional, experienced precision engineering company is like. The phrase Right First Time, springs to mind!

It’s a great way to see what we’re capable of and how good a fit we are for your requirements.