Successfully machining complex components requires engineering expertise coupled with top-drawer equipment: 5-axis CNC machines.

This has always been the case, even as far back as the 19th century!

The history that led to the advanced 5 axis machining technology of today begins in 1890 with the development of… the first punched card to control a loom. This was a tiny glimpse of the computerisation that was to come. In 1928 magnetic tape was developed for storing data. Certain of the early precursors to CNC machines relied on this new medium.

Without the right hardware, the software would have been useless. The following year in Sugar Land, Texas, Rudolf Boehm invented the ball lead screw. When mounted on a screw shaft, it provided both the low friction and reliable accuracy necessary for high-tech machining.

Numerical control

The rise of the (CNC) machines was unstoppable. Developed in World War II to guide radar anti-aircraft gun emplacements, the servo motor was the next step into the future. After the war, Frank Stulen and John Parsons pioneered numerical control work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which developed reliable servo control and the APT programming language. Soon after servos were steered by computers and numerical control was realised.

The first CNC machine to manufacture goods, utilising an IBM 602 multiplier was developed by the Parsons Corporation to produce templates of the complex curvature of helicopter blades. As computer science advanced, it propelled improvements in CNC machining. With the integration of digital technology into control systems in the 1960s and 1970s, the equipment became closer to today’s models.


Back to the 5 axis CNC present

The most efficient modern incarnation of CNC is the 5 axis machine. Due to highly developed software, it translates motion along five axes with high precision for the 21st century production of parts that require increasingly greater complexity. Precise curvatures, exacting hole placement, grooves,  angular surfaces and undercutting ALL possible without the re-positioning of the part are now performed every day.

Keeping up with the times

As technology continues to evolve you need a 5 axis CNC machining company that tracks and understands every innovation. Even if you believe  your part is straightforward to machine, you will save both time and money by utilising a shop that stays up to date. With a thorough understanding of modern machines, materials and software, your parts will not only be produced more quickly; the quality will always be higher.

For an example of high quality 5 axis machining, here you can see our DMG 60 in action – machining a complex octagon shape.


It is crucial to know what materials your 5 axis CNC machining services provider can handle. In addition, you must understand what tolerances they can achieve. Its production should also be able to accommodate the timelines of your project, without delays due to reworks.

Enthusiasm for the job

A worker who drags through the day eyeing the progress of the clock toward quitting time is unlikely to deliver the best result. You need a company with staff eager to take on your work. Willing hands provide not only better adherence to your specifications but more rapid results.


The last thing you want is to gaze in horror at the delivery of your order, realising that it is not at all what you requested. Your shop of choice must have experts on hand to whom you can communicate your needs effectively. They must also keep you in the loop so that you will know precisely what to expect and when to expect it.


Talented engineers

No matter how your company has sweated over a model or a plan, fresh pairs of eyes may spot opportunities for improvement or adaptations to production requirements. The machining firm you employ must have the depth of experience to recommend such adjustments where necessary. Obviously, they must also have the wherewithal to integrate and implement these adjustments into your final product.

Consideration of all these factors will lead you to a reliable and exceptional precision engineering shop that will give you the services you need – with the quality, expertise and delivery schedules your company deserves.

Finding the right 5 axis CNC machining services provider just got easy…

Axis Precision Engineering are the supplier you need! Here’s an example of exemplary 5 axis CNC machining services in action.