When tolerances are tight, your complex components must be engineered exactly to the drawing specifications.

But when the parts you receive aren’t made to the quality or spec required, costs, inevitably, go up. Rejects and reworking incur a significant time and financial cost to fix, meaning production may even be halted.

And that is frustrating for everyone…

To sidestep all the hassle you need precision engineering that is RIGHT FIRST TIME! For this to happen you need the right precision engineering supplier to do the work for you. This blog post shows you what to look for in your dream CNC workshop!

Look for Quality

To ensure your parts are engineered to the quality required, you need:

  • Accurate data regarding the design and geometry of the piece
  • Materials selected to withstand the wear and tear the part will experience
  • Sophisticated software that defines the programming used to machine the part
  • Compliance with the national and international standards that apply to the part or machine

Your precision engineering supplier should be able to walk you through the processes they follow to ensure high quality in every part they make.

Look for Expertise

As a product designer, you know your dream CNC workshop must have the engineers with the expertise and skills to:

  • work out the operations required; and
  • program the machines used to produce your parts.

Talk to the people in charge, assess their expertise!


Delivery on time

Working to a tight schedule, you need your components completed and delivered on time. Delays can put your whole schedule off, an issue exacerbated if the part needs reworking.

Assess the likelihood of delays. If the expertise and quality are in place, deliveries should be to schedule. This QED is vital!

The real COST of a quote

Some machine shops might offer cheap quotes to make a quick sale, but invariably, cheap isn’t cheerful!

Cheap quotes often involve cut corners and poor processes. Inevitably, that bargain will end up costing you more in the long-run. Because… rejects and reworking cost time and money!

Communicating Expertise

Clear communication is a critical element to look for in your dream CNC machine shop. An extra set of expert eyes can save the day.

Without the context of the complete assembly, the engineers produce parts precisely as the CAD model or drawings indicate. Often they will only have a vague idea of the function of the part they produce.

If your delivered parts don’t work as planned after assembly, it might be a design rather than a machining problem. These days, with CAD software readily available, it is all too easy to over-engineer a part.

Sometimes the expert advice that an experienced machine shop can provide will help you optimise your part’s design. A tweak here or there can prevent issues from becoming a disaster, i.e. when a batch is made and delivered with an unexpected flaw.

This expertise is invaluable!

Tapping Expertise keeps your Margin intact

Successful high precision 5 axis CNC machining requires partnering with an experienced supplier – to reduce rejects and reworking to the bare minimum. This will prevent costs from spiraling out of control and eating into your margin. Good news!

This is only one of several ways partnering with Axis Precision Engineering Components will increase your margin…