5 axis machining is considered as the state-of-the-art standard for precision machining and fabrication requirements. Of the various machines offered for the job, Deckel Maho Gildemeister (DMG) is amongst the most respected and best-selling brands. Axis Precision Engineering Ltd. has three of these outstanding computer numerical control (CNC) milling machines.

True 5 axis operations

The design of the DMG 60 Evolution and 70 Evolution CNC machines allows true 5 axis operations rather than the inferior 3+2 axis capabilities of lesser machines. The trunnionless design allows greater access to the work piece, and the heavy-duty swivel rotary table allows five-sided, 5 axis simultaneous machining operations, even on large work pieces. The DMG 60 Evolution, for instance, can accommodate work pieces up to 650-by-650 mm and weights up to 400 kg.

The DMG machines also have 30 tool pockets – more than enough tool options for almost any task, but even more can be loaded manually if needed. With tool speeds of up to 18,000 rpm, the DMG has the power needed to ensure those tools function with maximum precision.

True 5 axis capabilities gives us three advantages, which ultimately give you unmatched quality and value in your finished project:

Streamlined programming. With our DMG machines, many complex parts can be completed in a single continuous operation, so less programming saves us time and reduces the risk of errors.

Efficient operation. The versatility of the 5 axis machine means that fewer fixtures and tools are required for the job.

Less human intervention. Our machine operators can let the DMG machine do most of the work as they do not have to stop the machine numerous times to reset the work piece. Obviously, this saves more time and reduces the chances of errors.

DMG 70 Evolution – lollipop cutter in a tube milling cycle

A tool is only as good as its user

As fantastic as the capabilities of our DMG machines are, they can only be fully employed with the right expertise and operating systems. This is where the experience of Axis Precision Engineering stands out.

The key to efficient CNC operations and superior end results lies in the software used to translate your CAD design drawings or models into the actual machine movements and cutting actions to produce the part.

At Axis, we employ a superior computer-aided manufacture (CAM) software: the hyperMILL system produced by OPEN MIND.


Combining the software suite’s vast range of automated function options with the capabilities of our DMG machines creates a highly efficient operation path to complete your design. This reduces the number of operation steps and saves time with absolutely no compromise to production quality.

In addition, if you are using the most popular CAD systems, SolidWorks or Autodesk Inventor, to produce your design drawings, translation errors between the CAD design and the CAM program are virtually impossible, as hyperMILL is written with full integration for those programs as well as Open Mind’s own HyperCAD-S program.

Less time and effort spent in our workshop translates to the best-quality outcome for you, faster and at a lower cost.

QED: The true Axis Precision edge

At Axis Precision Engineering Ltd., we strive to be your clear choice to produce the components you need with QED, i.e. quality, expertise and delivery on time!

Quality. Our passion is providing our clients with the parts that they require, precisely as ordered, the first time. That means your project will be:

• Exactly made according to CAD data.

• Fabricated from the highest-quality materials, fully traceable.

• Subject to high-standard manufacture and rigorous inspection to ISO 9001 standard.

• Guaranteed to be right the first time, with no reworking required.

Expertise. Having the most capable equipment and systems is not enough to ensure a quality result. Without the expertise of the people to use them to their full potential they are redundant!

Our programmers and engineers bring years of training and experience to the challenges of complex projects and fully understand what our DMG machines can do. Using OPEN MIND’s hyperMILL software, we are able to push these machines to their absolute limits.

Delivery. Delays are not just annoying; they are bad for business – both yours and ours. At Axis, we put your need for strict deadlines and schedules first. The capabilities of our unmatched combination of powerful DMG machines, the best control software, and experienced programmers and operators make this possible.

The relationships built with clients like you are at the heart of our success, and so friendly, honest and attentive customer care is our priority. We’ll keep you informed of your project’s progress and never accept jobs we can’t complete on time, with the highest standards of manufacturing quality.

Reinventing the Wheel

Axis Precision Engineering Ltd. is your superior choice and offers everything you need in quality, expertise, and reliable delivery.

For a great example of QED in action, you should read our Motorsport case study Reinventing the Wheel by clicking the button below. See how Axis overcame programming and machining challenges to achieve:

  • Complex profiles
  • Deep pockets with small corner radius
  • Precise finish and blends