Receiving incorrect components is frustrating, time consuming and expensive. 

Poor parts add to stress levels, contribute to missed deadlines and can tip you over budget! All re-working is added cost, because time is money! And… it can mean penalties down the line, which is not what you want at all!

So, what would right first time mean to your business?

Well, your components would be one thing you’d never have to worry about! You wouldn’t end up cussing as you try to fit a part that’s not right!

Right first time is NOT impossible. But it does take a little upfront work to find a company that will deliver your parts right the first time, every time.

5 Things Required To Get Quality Components Right First Time

1 – Expertise and experience

This is essential. If they haven’t demonstrated their expertise in a case study that you can view, ask to see examples of your supplier’s work. 

Experience, or lack of it, has such an impact on every aspect of your project. From choosing the right materials to their competence using the machines, each year of experience is another layer of protection from:

  • Delays – without the track record, working out how to engineer complex components can be a struggle – delays are inevitable
  • Reworking – if your supplier omits a hole, you may not realise until you try to fit the part. It’s too late to send it back, so your in-house machines will need to rework the part. Annoying and expensive.

The proof of the pudding is in the work they produce. Is it accurate enough?



2 – Quality Inspection

At Axis, we have a dedicated quality control manager who ensures every part is perfect before it leaves the workshop. If there’s ever a problem, we have time to fix it before it inconveniences our customers.

Without a dedicated quality control manager, your supplier cannot guarantee that every component is made to the correct tolerance. If tolerances need to be tight, accurate inspection is critical. 

What is the quality control like at your supplier? 


3 – Complexity Over Capacity

A lot of design engineers don’t look further than a company’s capacity to see whether they can deal with the volume of parts needed.


This is a mistake.

Look at their machines for capability, not just capacity. 

3 Axis machines are out of date, requiring more operations to manufacture the same components that their 5 axis cousins manage in a jiffy.

Longer production time means a greater cost per part.

Getting this balance right will ensure your components are the correct quality, delivered on time and at the right cost. 

Without the correct machines for your project, your supplier will struggle to produce the tolerances you need.

4 – Software & Hardware Harmony

When software & hardware sing from the same hymn sheet, they work much better than when they are forced together. 

If a company has great software but poor machines, you’ll not get the full speed and precision benefits of the software.

Likewise, if the machines are good but the software isn’t up to scratch, the programmer is simply unable to push the machine to its limits. 

Errors happen more easily, leading to inconsistencies in the quality of finish.

With software and hardware harmony, you ensure both speed and quality. Though, remember, success relies on your engineering company’s experience to use them in harmony!

Are your suppliers struggling with complex projects? Is it time to change?

5 – Passion. 

Something that money can’t buy. 

You’ll hear stories of engineers taking apart household appliances as children, much to the disgruntlement of their parents. But their parents’ pain is your pleasure!

Work only with people who are as passionate about your product as you are, and the quality of the components will shine.

At Axis, you only talk to engineers. We understand you and can help make your project a success. We want to build long term relationships with our customers.

6 – BONUS – Machines, Software, Quality and Experience

And here’s a bonus for you, which has been under your nose the entire time! If you want components manufactured right first time, every time you need…

Axis Precision Engineering Components – that’s us!

We pride ourselves on our quality, expertise and delivery on time.