Watch these four 5 axis machining videos for a demonstration of Axis Precision Engineering’s capabilities. You won’t be disappointed! It’s QED in action – quality, expertise and delivery on time!

5 Axis machining video 1

Aircraft seat arm milling on a Hardinge xR6000 5AX machine

Note the high degree of cutting precision that makes the Hardinge XR6000 5AX machine such a valuable asset. One benefit of 5 axis machining is the ability to manufacture intricate parts in one operation.

In this video, a snapshot of a complete milling operation of an aircraft seat’s armrest can be viewed. Pay attention to how this machine accommodates thin wall sections and small pockets, which upholstery will eventually cover in the finished product.

5 Axis machining video 2

5 axis DMG 70 Evolution machine demonstrating a lollipop cutter

5 axis machines also have the ability to engineer complex components within tight tolerances. This video depicts the process of cutting lens-mounting rings used in thermal imaging cameras, a job that requires highly precise milling of two 40-mm slots that will allow the camera’s straps to pass through.

The tool demonstrated is a lollipop cutter during a tube milling operation. You can observe the DMG’s ability to cut around and under the component. The DMG 70 Evolution allows for greater accuracy with less milling operations.

5 Axis machining video 3

Hardinge xR6000 5AX machine manufacturing an aircraft seat belt bezel

Continuing the manufacturing process of aircraft seat parts, notice how the Hardinge 5 axis machine completes a cumulative process of roughing, tilting, and spinning a component. More difficult than it looks, notice the flange’s compound angle relative to the body profile.

This demonstration shows that certain milling operations require spinning and cutting simultaneously with a ball nose cutter. Such a job is feasible using different machines but would be exceedingly time-consuming and risks introducing defects as the part is moved between operations. Once complete, the component is ready for quality assurance.

5 Axis machining video 4

Milling an octagon-shaped component on a DMG Mori 60 Evolution

In this final demonstration, note the difficulty of machining an angular, octagonal component utilising a ball-nose cutter. Two parallel flanges rest aside a mounting component as one flange offsets at an angle that joins the other. For this type of operation, 5 axis machining is critical to meet specifications.

Three reasons to choose Axis Precision Engineering for your next 5 axis machining project

By choosing Axis , you will benefit from QED – quality machining, expertise, and delivery on schedule:


You can trust that your parts will be the quality you require because we always manufacture to model. Axis Precision Engineering takes care to manufacture components with high-quality machining and milling processes, never requiring reworking. Your order will be correct the first time. How good does that sound?


30 years of experience in the manufacturing industry forms our company’s foundation and fuels our dedication to quality machining. You will benefit from top-class programming and engineering expertise when you choose Axis Precision Engineering.

Delivery on time

Your business relies on accurate lead times, on-time delivery and precision at speed. Axis PEC are the honest partner you are searching for – we never take a job without assuring delivery on time.

Reinventing the Wheel

For a great example of QED in action – quality, expertise and delivery on time – you should read our Motorsport case study Reinventing the Wheel. Click the button below to see how Axis overcame programming and machining challenges to achieve:

  • Complex profiles
  • Deep pockets with small corner radius
  • Precise finish and blends